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ECJ invalidates data retention directive

From PI website…

The ruling today from the European Court of Justice, invalidating the European Union’s 2006 Data Retention Directive policy, was strong and unequivocal: the right to privacy provides a fundamental barrier between the individual and powerful institutions, and laws allowing for indiscriminate, blanket retention on this scale are completely unacceptable.

As the Court states, it is not, and never was, proportionate to spy on the entire population of Europe. The types of data retained under this hastily-enacted Directive are incredibly revealing about our lives, including our daily activities and whom we have relationships with. It is right and overdue that this terrible directive was struck down…

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Brazilian court aiming to disclose personal data of 140 million citizens to Serasa/ Experian

The Brazilian Superior Electoral Court (Tribunal Superior Eleitoral, or TSE), the highest court to deal with electoral issues, signed a contract with the one of the leading financial databases in Brazil, Serasa/ Experian, which prescribed the Court was supposed to give Experian personal data of the all Brazilian citizens allowed to vote. This amount accounts for more than 140 million citizens.

Altought the contract specifies that a set of personal data would be sent, like name, electoral number, date of birth and mothers’ name, it must be stressed that the Court has what is probably one of the biggest biometric database in use, which was collected in order to provide means to the biometric authentication of each citizen in the automated Brazilian voting system.

The Courts’ president, soon after the news about the contract came out by some of the major Brazilians’ newspapers, denied knowledge about it and made sure the disclosure of personal data is illegal and would review the contract.

[contract available here (portuguese only)]

Surveillance debate

From Privacy International web page…

In the wake of revelations that the UK Government is accessing wide-ranging intelligence information from the US and is conducting mass surveillance on citizens across the UK, PI commenced legal action against the UK Government, charging that the expansive spying regime is seemingly operated outside of the rule of law, lacks any accountability, and is neither necessary nor proportionate.

The claim, filed in the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), challenges the UK Government on two fronts. Firstly, for the failure to have a publicly accessible legal framework in which communications data of those located in the UK is accessed after obtained and passed on by the US National Security Agency through the Prism programme.  Secondly, for the indiscriminate interception and storing of huge amounts of data via tapping undersea fibre optic cables through the Tempora programme. Continue reading